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Новая еженедельная сборка Opera 11  
21/10/2010 19:54     [post link]  

Opera 11 Build 1029 Alpha
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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
21/10/2010 21:35   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  



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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
03/11/2010 16:14   [Re: Lan]   [post link]   Прикреплённые файлы (562 downloads)

Opera 11.00 built 1045 win XP

При запуске Оперы выскакивает такая картинка:

(см. прикрепленный файл)

Догадываюсь, что сие значит, но один ли я такое имею?

Исправлено aa3va (03/11/2010 16:18)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
03/11/2010 17:29   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

А еще хоть ты убей, но 11 сделала себя браузером по дефолту и ни в какую не переубедишь же


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 16:13   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
Opera 11.00 built 1045 win XP

При запуске Оперы выскакивает такая картинка:

(см. прикрепленный файл)

После установки поверх Build'a 1045 - 1055, "выскакивание" прекратилось.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 17:25   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

как у aa3va, у меня такая ошибка выскакиванет со времен начало работы с 10 версией Оперы ( 11 я пока не пробовал ), не дружит с программой MouseImp. И никак ету проблему не решить. Причем раньше и сейчас все нормально работает, только предупреждает при запуске. Что достаточно сильно надоело. Как бы хотелось чтобы эту проблему решили


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 18:27   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1060 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,78 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,48 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:

• DSK-283362 Menu entry for Java console should be removed
• DSK-283842 Keyboard shortcut missing for Dragonfly in the developer menu
• DSK-296732 Panel opens when Opera is loaded
• DSK-308709 Opening a bookmarks file from Manage Bookmarks overwrites the profile bookmarks file
• DSK-310631 Tab cycle order wrong if 'When cycling through tabs with Ctrl+Tab' is set to 'cycle without showing list'
• DSK-310760 Shift+F4 doesn't show or expand the panels
• DSK-311439 Saving multiple items in link panel only saves the first entry
• DSK-312121 Don't force autoupdate when the user has opted-out
• DSK-312801 Missing repaint of Content area after resizing windows
• DSK-313358 Progress bar broken
• DSK-314374 Window should be called back when opening new tab while minimized
• DSK-315330 Crash when opening a file with Content-Disposition: attachment directly in Opera: further fix
• DSK-315504 JavaScript alerts that open shortly after page load close instantly
• DSK-316696 Opening short url through address bar crashes Opera or causes memory leak

• DSK-315647 Popup doesn't point on button after resize
• DSK-317513 Popup window visible after going full screen mode
• DSK-317857 UserJS is not loaded while installing extension by d'n'd of config.xml
• DSK-317879 Crash after extensions tries to access web in offline mode
• DSK-317965 Extension popup isn't closed on second mouse click
• DSK-318146 Right click on extension's popup window should not show context menu
• DSK-318163 Clipstring on untrusted repository modal dialog while updating extension
• DSK-318170 Popup closed when hitting enter while inside input field
• DSK-318328 Dialogs opened through popup freeze opera
• DSK-318506 Extension buttons disappear after closing popup
• Further work on the Extension manager update and install dialog
• Made the extension badge font smaller on Mac (90%)
• Skinnable color and weight of font in extension badge
• Uninstall dialog for extensions
• Add icon for 'Open error console' button
• Updates for browser crash dialog

• CORE-33473 New Facebook Chat is jumpy
• CORE-33150 Crash when navigating on deviantart with extensions installed
• CORE-33382 UserJS code not run in extensions if page does not include a script tag

• DSK-301751 No search field in the Opera help menu: OS 10.6 non-English only

• DSK-264634 Opera sometimes crashes when a plugin crashes
• DSK-296004 Scrolling corruption when a window covers Opera
• DSK-297249 Crash on exit on FreeBSD with GTK in a non-gnome environment
• DSK-304431 Maximized application mode widget uses a lot of CPU when compositing is off
• DSK-305118 Cannot full screen in Openbox
• DSK-308151 Input type=text has no borders in KDE 4.5.x and the Oxygen theme
• DSK-310952 Define default keyboard shortcut to insert PRIMARY content under X11: Alt+Ctrl+R
• DSK-314272 Opera crashes when detach and close a tab
• DSK-314424 Opera crashes when detaching a tab with a plugin
• DSK-314580 --geometry argument doesn't have any effect: Further fix needed for previously maximised state
• DSK-314625 Opera icon in notification area disappears in Gnome
• DSK-314724 Implement 'paste mouse selection' and go
• DSK-315553 Empty popup menu in document still creates a widget blocking input
• DSK-316497 Using DejaVu Serif Condensed instead of DejaVu Serif: and other incorrect font choices
• DSK-316665 X11 based print dialog does not print with correct size
• DSK-316789 X11 File dialog does not initialize with a correct path and extension list
• DSK-316790 Many CSS3 cursors don't display on UNIX
• DSK-316828 <input>s are rendered with shine-through background
• DSK-317404 Dragged bitmaps are not initialized to a solid color
• DSK-317411 Back/Forward button on address toolbar is dragged without an image and can open a popup menu while drag-n-drop is taking place
• DSK-317417 Notifications show up in fullscreen mode
• DSK-317427 Fix issues in X11 File dialog
• DSK-317436 It is not possible to remotely open a tab in a given window in Opera: See -windowname argument
• DSK-317741 Opera crashes when detaching a restored tab


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
16/11/2010 16:51   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1085 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,75 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,48 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• Gmail doesn't load (will be fixed in the next snapshot)
• No FreeBSD build this time due to a small build server issue

• DSK-316229 Change default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider
• DSK-316669 Add search suggestions for google
• DSK-317921 Clearing search box should not show suggest results from query


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
18/11/2010 18:24   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1094 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,88 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,72 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• DSK-318727 (Extension blocks execution of userjs)
• DSK-317999 (Extension + UserJS blocks page loading)
• DSK-319065 (Privacy setting is not applied for some extensions)


• Improvements to the address field: see main blog entry for details
• Implemented a new visual interface for mouse gestures: see main blog entry for details
• DSK-267463 (Support importing Firefox bookmarks from places.sqlite)
• DSK-277625 (Normal font and Monospace font settings don't work.)
• DSK-290360 (Default search box can not be dragged from Appearance -> Buttons)
• DSK-296813 (Graphic element layout issues in mail dialogs)
• DSK-300575 (Broken search field in Apperance > Buttons > Search)
• DSK-306374 (First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area)
• DSK-309272 (Private tab search terms can show in non private speed dial search)
• DSK-311007 ("Did you mean '...'?" opens a new tab when "Reuse current tab" is unset)
• DSK-313944 ("Ctrl+Shift+V" opens in a new background tab)
• DSK-314125 (Paste'n'Go not working in F2("go to page")-Dialog)
• DSK-315773 (Auto update fails to display authentication dialog when updating without write permissions)
• DSK-315856 (Master Password dialog opens shortly and closes again when logging in through the Auth dialog)
• DSK-316091 (Can't double-click empty workspace to open new tab)
• DSK-316145 (Gmail not working)
• DSK-318907 (Tab title displays incorrectly with modified toolbar setup)
• DSK-319075 (Make a pref to not hide the URL parameters): opera:config#UserPrefs|HideURLParameter

• Implemented super scrollbar
• Merged filters, labels and saved searches into the new labels
• DSK-130346 (Unicode attachment filenames sent by M2 unreadable in clients like Outlook)
• DSK-312784 (Panels (F4) are brought up when focus is on RSS feed tab, even after panels were previously closed)
• DSK-312548 (Mail view opened when clicking the expand arrow in the treeview)
• DSK-317039 (Attachment to e-mail disappears after viewing it)
• DSK-310643 (Mail selection lost when new emails arrive)
• DSK-309797 (Feed folders views use 'Sent' instead of 'Published' as column header)
• DSK-311987 (Mailpanel categories added at bottom of mailpanel on enabling)
• DSK-264794 (Mail header uses large text size instead of bolded text)
• DSK-313836 (Section header is deaf when readded to the panel)
• DSK-270470 (Wrong attachment names (Content-ID) displayed)
• DSK-212904 (Wand loses login information after changing server name)
• DSK-299655 (Line breaks in signatures are not respected when changing plain/HTML)
• DSK-317670 (HTML mail message doesn't add default mail compose font to body style attribute)
• DSK-312506 (Cannot modify the spam filter)
• DSK-312572 (Remove the "Manage Feeds" dialog)
• DSK-312577 (Deleting parent feed folder does not delete it's children)
• DSK-312686 (Multiple views selected in the new mail panel)
• DSK-305028 (Don't initalize the indexer in mail when no accounts exist)
• DSK-311306 (Don't populate treeview while loading mail database)
CORE-28033 (Inlined images sent from Thunderbird are recognized as attachments and not content id elements)

• DSK-318540 (Opening dialogs on Windows through popup closes the popup window and possibly crashes opera)
• DSK-319114 (Popup href == http://.. shouldn't be subject to <access> restrictions)
• DSK-318440 (opera.extension.tabs.create opens wrong url)
• CORE-34186 (Extension should work on https by default with opt-out possibility to switch off per extension)
• CORE-33649 (Extensions Options page - included)
• CORE-34288 (Add flag to disallow oex/ua without file extension)
• CORE-34443 (Only disallow toplevel replacing on form submission on the main gadget window / extension background process)
• CORE-34288 (Require file name extension when upgrading widget configuration)
• DSK-318970 (Cogwheel is not disabled for disabled extensions)
• Fix for link handling in widgets)
• Updated: Extensions installer
• Updated: Extensions manager
• Added Extensions Options page UI support
• Extensions update dialog, update button in extensions manager
• New: Privacy dialog
• New: Update dialog
• Crash fix

• CORE-33950 (301 status code response are not redirected after browser restart)
• CORE-34280 (IME composes duplicated strings in contentEditable text areas)

Windows (Installer)
• DSK-271980 (Canceling an autoupdate or upgrade at the wrong time can leave you with a broken Opera installation)
• DSK-314579 (Cancelling new installer on Win7 makes Windows ask if the program was correctly installed)
• DSK-315494 (Installer continues too fast if Opera is still shutting down)
• DSK-315582 (It's confusing that all checkboxes are selected for portable installation even tho they are grayed out)
• DSK-315583 (Add UAC shield to the install button)
• DSK-315728 (Language choice in installer doesn't work unless you also change "Install for" (operaprefs_default.ini not created))
• DSK-315790 (Make the installer remember which options was set during upgrade)
• DSK-315899 (Hovering the "Terms of Service" button shows a cut off border)
• DSK-316080 (Uninstalling Opera while it's running leaves Opera.lnk.10.70.bak on the desktop)
• DSK-316244 (Wrong error message when trying to install to %programfiles" and selecting "Install for: External device")
• DSK-316254 (Profile lost when upgrading a classic single user installation in %programfiles% on Vista and 7)
• DSK-316259 (Error when trying to upgrade Opera when files in the installation folder are locked by other programs)
• DSK-316262 (No operaprefs_default.ini created on Vista and 7 with default installation settings)
• DSK-316766 (Install for "Just me" option in new installer may be confusing): changed to Standalone
• DSK-316795 (Unable to write CLASSES\.xbm\OpenWithProgIds\Opera.Image)
• DSK-317424 (Failed to modify the registry named Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\ShimInclusionList\OPERA.EXE\(null)
• DSK-317736 (Cancel installation doesn't work)
• DSK-318317 (No error message when trying to install standalone installation in %programfiles% (and installation succeeds the second time you try))

• DSK-316225 (input type="range" buggy)
• DSK-316546 (Add mac specific speed dial background)
• Updated drop-down toolbars
• New address bar graphics, including search, address field & button changes
• New scrollbar in the address and search field drop-downs
• Fixed highlighting underneath the address and search fields

• Use PGO (Profile-guided optimization) on *nix
• DSK-301547 (Flash with wmode transparent crashes in widgets)
• DSK-316375 (Alt is hardcoded to open the O-Menu): Now possible to map an alternative shortcut
• DSK-318050 (Search and URL dropdown gets clipped in non compositing environments): F2 drop down is not re-enabled by this
• DSK-318398 (File download can recursively overwrite folders without warning when using the Gtk file selector)
• DSK-318434 (The --geometry argument has no effect on first run)
• DSK-318585 (Opera should accept the CFF font format)
• DSK-316214 (Invoking opera --fullversion argument doesn't work when Opera is running)
• DSK-318115 (File type dropdown is broken in the file chooser)
• DSK-318724 (Disable smooth scrolling by default on UNIX): still possible to enable via a preference
• DSK-318764 (KDE skin is missing a browser skin element)
• DSK-318407 (After inputting Latin characters, IME cannot be turned on in search field): further fix needed for compositing
• DSK-318509 (Dead keys stop working after the second character due to change of focus): further fix needed for compositing
• Improved some of the focus handling code: watch out for regressions

Happy bug hunting!


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
19/11/2010 08:02   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Meet your new address field, mouse gestures, and updated mail panel and extensions - в блоге про новые адресную строку, жесты, емейл. Перевод на хабре
В адресной строке могут затенять параметры УРЛ, оставляя только адрес домена - как в хроме, бывает полезно. Стали прятать протокол - опять же вроде бы как в хроме, имхо гадость. Визуальная настройка жестов - приятно. В М2 что-то сделали со скроллбарами, плюс сделали общий поиск по всем сообщениям - иногда удобно, если не помнишь, на какой ящик пришел искомый емейл.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
20/11/2010 07:44   [Re: Eismann]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
Happy bug hunting!
При работе через прокси наблюдал "потерю" прокси. Т.е. включаешь через настройки, где-то примерно с минуту внешние для нашей локальной сети сайты открываются через прокси, а потом Опера перестает обращаться к прокси-серверу. Жамкнешь галку в настройках - еще на минуту есть выход через прокси и опять прерывается.
Пока не выяснил окончательно, кто виноват, то ли Бета, то ли локалка.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/11/2010 00:22   [Re: Victor]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1111 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,92 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,76 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

Домашняя страница Opera 11 beta


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
06/12/2010 21:32   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1128 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,97 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,87 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• No FreeBSD build this time due to a build server issue (should be remedied in future snapshots)


• DSK-213883 (Crash on opening address bar drop down)
• DSK-277548 (No backups of session files (autosave.win))
• DSK-310856 (Geolocation prompt "share my location" must be greyed out when first appearing and switching tabs)
• DSK-311596 (First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area)
• DSK-314858 (Fix ugly thumbnails on hover and in tab cycler)
• DSK-315799 (opera:style/media.css is missing in desktop)
• DSK-320129 (Extensis Web Font service doesn't work in Opera)
• DSK-318976 (Creating a custom search engine with URL's that include a '#')
• DSK-320177 (Tab group hidden by closing inactive top tab)
• DSK-318833 (Extending a second group compresses the 1st group)
• DSK-319018 (Tab group can vanish if you delete active tab from call out)
• DSK-319690 (Help balloon for pinned tab pointing the wrong way)
• DSK-318744 (Open new tabs within stack): Links opened in foreground or background opens in the same groups as the parent tab, or a new group if one doesn't exist. Will use the "Open new tab next to active" when deciding the position in the group.
• Improvements to tab ordering
• Active tab is not hidden when collapsing a stack
• Handle opening new tabs in background and foreground using short cuts too
• Fixed some crashes received from automated crash logging

• DSK-315090 (Web page opened in popup goes to browser history)
• DSK-315092 (Scrolling popup content scrolls browser's tab as well)
• DSK-316133 (Extension description field does not expand to display the full extension description)
• DSK-316682 (Ensure the extension toolbar is visible)
• DSK-317879 (Crash after extensions tries to access web in offline mode)
• DSK-318074 (Popup reloads on badge update)
• DSK-318154 (No notification displayed if one of extensions' update failed)
• DSK-318308 (Extension with description containing lot of spaces displays only ... in manager)
• DSK-318327 (trusted_repositories.ini isn't updated with new entries)
• DSK-318923 (Wrong icon is displayed in install notification if installing extension 2nd time)
• DSK-319227 (Install errors from deb package)
• DSK-319442 (Addressbar is inaccessible in extensions option page)
• DSK-319517 (Some extensions don't display access info)
• DSK-319660 (Disabled extension name and author should be grayed out)
• DSK-319782 (Ghost buttons of uninstalled extensions)
• DSK-320000 (Preferences... option missing on extension button context menu)
• DSK-320018 (Crash in WidgetLauncher on mac for Application mode widgets)
• DSK-320059 (Cmd+m shortcut hides widget permanently)
• DSK-320154 (Crash when disabling extension)
• DSK-320192 (Version is displayed as part of name in extension manager)
• DSK-320221 (Opera crashes after closing pinned options page for disabled extension)
• DSK-320501 (Preferences in private mode are saved right after changing option)
• DSK-320627 (Extension installation dialog changes)
• DSK-318004 (Implement text wrapping in install notifications)
• DSK-320503 (Opera crashes after changing privacy settings of uninstalled extension)
• DSK-320782 (Version clips name in extension manager)
• DSK-320795 (Long string overlaps the disable button in extension manager)
• DSK-320895 (Redesign auto-update notification)
• Remove invalid 'gadget' word from add on update preference
• Fix for font size of author's name in extension manager
• Fix for a lot of issues with layouting ResizeSearchDropdown near ExtensionButtons
• Updates for OEX file type and Preferences Dialog
• Missing changes in Installer for new OEX type on windows
• Update for preferences dialog for OEX file type
• Windows: Handling of OEX files from command line and from DDE
• Updates for the installer to support OEX files
• Options page should not be stored in session
• If extension version is the same, we shouldn't update it.

• CORE-34485 (http-logger does not produce any events)
• CORE-33315 (Extensions: Support debugging of isolated userjs)
• CORE-33742 (Tabs created via an extension popup do not share cookies with the browser)
• CORE-33876 (JavaScript bookmarklet does not work)
• CORE-34552 (Extension + UserJS blocks page loading)
• CORE-34595 (Crash configuring extensions)
• CORE-34661 (The background process page of an extension shouldn't be allowed to reload itself or load anything else.)
• CORE-34782 (opera.extension.tabs.getFocused() should return null if the tab is not running injected scripts)
• CORE-34860 (opera.extension.tabs.create return nothing and crashed Opera.)
• CORE-34981 (Opera freezes/crashes with extension throwing error message)
• CORE-28636 (Improved HTML5 forms support, including better UI)
• CORE-28252 (SVG performance improvements)
• CORE-15715 (Inline loading in a widget is not controlled by security settings of runtime and widget)
• CORE-25328 (Do not show links to Opera help and Opera support when network problems)
• CORE-29093 (Updating of widget needs to provide more informations)
• CORE-30255 (Clicking on HTML anchor element with mailto protocol in href attribute has no effect in widget)
• CORE-30915 (Fragment identifiers / internal anchors don't work in widgets)
• CORE-31951 (http://www.zynaps.com/jslab.xml?id=envmap doesn't render in Opera)
• CORE-32085 (Allow navigation of relative URIs inside widget)
• CORE-32554 (Pixel lost when paint plugin contents area)
• CORE-32783 (Inform the application of xml parsing failures)
• CORE-33209 (Opera forces the page to scroll to the left if hovering over menu (unable to access sub menu))
• CORE-33725 (Arguments arrays and variable objects are left attached when an execution context is aborted)
• CORE-33754 (Opening widget: URIs in new windows and frames)
• CORE-33785 (Progress bar is removed despite still loading IFRAMEs)
• CORE-33890 (innerHTML that includes a doctype node will output a ">")
• CORE-34158 (Focus is not set on an element when there is a scrollbar)
• CORE-34270 (TC for scroll and focus fails)

• DSK-317389 (Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention))
• DSK-304130 (Opera Crashes When Holding CTRL+W)
• Double clicking on OEX in file system doesn't invoke installation
• Real extension icon for windows

• DSK-317390 (Associate the Opera document icon with Web archive files)
• DSK-319754 (Extender button in Mac is flipped): Left / right arrows are no longer confused
• Support for attention states for top tabs and top tab thumbnails on OS X
• Improved OS X tab handling for top tabs & tab groups
• Fixed jumping behavior on OS X, improved tab grouping backgrounds

• DSK-318518 (WebM video on Youtube shows no video on 64bit)
• DSK-301547 (Flash with wmode transparent crashes in Widgets)
• DSK-302754 (Place input method candidate box in the correct position): doesn't work for fctix
• DSK-315408 (When the input method server dies, Opera can crash)
• DSK-317102 (Horizontal scrolling with mouse buttons moves through history)
• DSK-318723 (Arrows in menus are too big in some Gtk themes)
• DSK-319053 (m2: attachment -> open does not work if the filename contains spaces)
• DSK-319137 (A visible security info popup can crash Opera when tab/window is closed)
• DSK-319151 (We shouldn't auto select the URL string when clicking in the address bar on *nix)
• DSK-319211 (Crash when zooming pages with plugins)
• DSK-319427 (It is possible to bring up the context menu and gesture animations at the same time on *nix)
• DSK-319873 (A dragged folder in the "Places" list starts with "file://localhost" in the X11 File dialog)
• New icon for OEX files (scalable SVG only)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
09/12/2010 20:56   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1133 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,99 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,88 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• The preference to disable the mouse gestures popup is missing. It will return later


• DSK-309222 (Display "Malware site" in the security button when a site is blocked because it contains malware)
• DSK-318100 (Focusing and unfocusing address field with keyboard shortcuts does not animate the badge)
• DSK-318293 (Wrong padding in address field)
• DSK-318300 (No security indication for Web pages when Turbo is on)
• DSK-318301 (Overlaid page information window incorrectly displayed on blank pages)
• DSK-318303 (Blank badge when enabling Turbo after typing in address field and focusing page)
• DSK-318309 (Turbo badge is shown on intranet and ftp pages)
• DSK-318315 (Wrong label highlighting with IDN)
• DSK-318491 (Badge and popup are displayed on certain error pages)
• DSK-318539 (No badge after expanding the collapsed address bar in window.open)
• DSK-318567 (Badge text gone when quickly focusing and unfocusing the address field)
• DSK-318568 (Turbo message in private tab is wrong)
• DSK-318602 (When going from speed dial to page and then back, the address field badge stays wide but blank)
• DSK-318603 (Turbo info confusing when loading https site with certificate problems)
• DSK-318840 (Path not greyed out with local domain name)
• DSK-318926 (New Address Bar lacks "extension" badge)
• DSK-319240 (Query string hiding breaks "Go" button)
• DSK-319437 (Add Show Full URL which minimizes the badge and shows the full url)
• DSK-159442 (Incorrect sample text for Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional in International fonts dialog)
• DSK-278181 (Searchbox on another toolbar makes Opera freeze on startup)
• DSK-282415 (Windows Native skin: No blue text for Page Bar attention state)
• DSK-303850 (Opera opens multiple download dialogs with same content when "Open windows instead of tabs" is enabled)
• DSK-304227 (Yandex maps widget crash on exit)
• DSK-309531 ("Zero Width Non-Joiner" character is not rendered correctly in Right To Left languages)
• DSK-311826 (Web Panel height does not grow when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized)
• DSK-316438 (BitTorrent download text is clipped)
• DSK-317749 (Add Web Panel doesn't work, when done through "Appearances")
• DSK-317998 (Download dialog disappears on redirect)
• DSK-318257 (Change of bookmark folder using properties dialog lost after restart)
• DSK-318504 (Panels button disabled after getting more security information (or open other dialogs such as Preferences))
• DSK-318766 (WebSocket error messages in error console do not appear in desktop)
• DSK-319171 (Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter doesn't work in the address bar)
• DSK-270617 (Can't remove multi-search field from address bar)
• DSK-277981 (Typing in search box doesn't always enable search button)
• DSK-278253 (Making the search field small doesn't stick)
• DSK-282293 (Search field gets narrower when certain buttons are put to the left of it)
• DSK-284481 (old-style search field dropdown uses the whole horizontal space of window when added as search button from Appearance > Search)
• DSK-290895 (Search box icon still looks active after unfocusing search field)
• DSK-319167 (Crash on changing to Amazon and performing search)
• DSK-320528 (google search icon in Zoom menu)
• Add a tooltip to the search field
• Change default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider
• Visual enhancements of the search drop down
• Increase the number of search suggestions in speed dial search
• Do not show "Previous searches" header when there are no previous searches

• DSK-318154 (No notification displayed if one of extensions' update failed)
• DSK-319448 (Whitelist for trusted repositories is un-upgradable file)
• DSK-320035 (Gadget installation fails when triggered after download)
• DSK-320039 (Always below does not work for application mode widgets)
• DSK-320829 (Options page opened from popup has address bar wich is inaccessible)
• DSK-321101 (Autoupdate crash when triggereing update of unite)
• New Extension Installer UI
• Fixes for popup skin, size and arrow positioning

• CORE-20172 (offsets of inline or inline-block sibling of absolutely positioned block child of inline-block miscalculated)
• CORE-34223 (Gmail Video Chat Plug-In does not work)
• CORE-34437 (Occasional crash when auth dialogs are up)
• CORE-34899 (Crash after 5 minutes with Dragonfly open)
• CORE-34954 (Problems connecting to some https sites)
• CORE-31929 (Common crash on exit)

• DSK-246452 (Installer: Can't associate widgets extension)
• DSK-298112 (External links are opened in private tabs)
• DSK-314907 (Cancelling the Admin password pop-up shuts down the installer)
• DSK-315213 (Installer: Make the progressbar progress evenly)
• DSK-315500 (Disabled "Shortcuts: in Quick Launch Toolbar" option on Windows 7)
• DSK-315966 (file type associations in Opera's programs -> details dialog won't stay checked when trying to reassociate types another Opera is associated with)
• DSK-316087 (Opera doesn't install when you try to install opera in a more than one level of non existent folders)
• DSK-316231 (Text in uninstaller says "Thank you for downloading Opera")
• DSK-316565 (Use a different icon for the installer)
• DSK-316677 (Install for all users does not create a shortcut in the Quick launch bar for other users)
• DSK-318396 (Clicking close in the warning dialog for "missing write permission" closes the installer)
• DSK-318517 (Opera's profile from the VirtualStore should not be merged if UAC is disabled)
• DSK-318601 (Wrong text in uninstaller locked files dialog)
• DSK-318611 ("Thank you for downloading" text too close to "Opera 11.00" text in installer)
• DSK-318625 (Installer: It's possible to click the "Accept and Install" button multiple times on a slow computer if UAC is enabled)
• DSK-319293 (Install path not updated when upgrading Opera)
• DSK-319969 (Installer: Quick Launch is spelled incorrectly)
• Installer: More feedback when files are locked
• Changed the command line parameters of the installer so that they can express a change from default behavior

• DSK-313555 (Pop-ups open in foreground even though "Open in background is set")
• DSK-319412 (Crash in overflowed scrollable areas)
• DSK-301671 (Selection jumps from suggestion when changing search term)
• DSK-319239 (Fix UI font sizes)

• DSK-313555 (Pop-ups open in foreground even though "Open in background is set")


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10/12/2010 21:25   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1140 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,99 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,91 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• Tab stacking issues: changes are coming but are still being tested internally


Address field
• DSK-313751 (Two unicode hearts messes with the font highlighting)
• DSK-317784 (New address bar: Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs does not work while callout is open)
• DSK-318296 (Removed the username and password from display in URLs)
• DSK-318591 (Badge and callout text/icon for private browsing)
• DSK-318678 (Address field on other toolbar gets gray, empty badge)
• DSK-319267 (Address bar popup hidden behind tab bar)
• DSK-319268 (Text in the address bar call info gets cut of if you use a bigger font for the dialogs)
• DSK-319321 (Unreadable (white on white) domain in the addressbar with dark themes)
• DSK-319460 (Holding Shift selects the text before the cursor rather than behind it)
• DSK-320043 (Expose UserPrefs|ShowFullURL in the UI): you can now right click on the badge
• DSK-320297 (Writing https:/// in the addressfield makes Opera crash on the next URL entered in the addressfield)
• DSK-320494 (HTTP Authentication skin elements to match Addressfield badge)
• DSK-320545 (Fragment identifier not showing up when viewing full URL)
• DSK-321324 (No icon for malware warnings)

• DSK-319129 (Only application-level gestures are working, not for mail or for collapsing tree views)
• DSK-319130 (Gesture UI should not visible on right click + mousewheel)
• DSK-319186 (Right click context menu does not work if mouse guestures are disabled)
• DSK-319430 (Gesture actions not localised)
• DSK-319854 (Right click on Flash should not show the Gestures UI)
• DSK-319937 (Multiple Gesture UI on screen at once)
• DSK-320007 (Crash when performing gesture)

• DSK-319057 (Hidden extension name or Non-optimal extension card layout)
• DSK-321115 (Extension Manager is not resized)
• DSK-321415 (Extension popup window size can't be changed while popup window is opened)
• DSK-321482 (Security policy is not tracked during extensions update)
• DSK-321528 (Author is moved too much right if there is no version defined)
• DSK-321555 (Extension update notification shows "Opera Unite application update")

• Core-12422 (Disabled plugin won't let actions get through to the content)
• Core-12813 (Cleared element's sibling with top margin resets the margin to 0 on reflow)
• Core-32000 (Form action URL with ":" become invalid URL)
• Core-34080 (Occasionaly very high CPU usage on Gmail)
• Core-35097 (Connections with STP/1 remote hosts can fail when socket callbacks are unordered)
• Core-35110 (Crash on http://optimus.usatoday.com/)
• Fixed a Crash with certain Flash content

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