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Новая еженедельная сборка Opera 11  
21/10/2010 19:54     [post link]  

Opera 11 Build 1029 Alpha
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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
21/10/2010 21:35   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  



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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
03/11/2010 16:14   [Re: Lan]   [post link]   Прикреплённые файлы (562 downloads)

Opera 11.00 built 1045 win XP

При запуске Оперы выскакивает такая картинка:

(см. прикрепленный файл)

Догадываюсь, что сие значит, но один ли я такое имею?

Исправлено aa3va (03/11/2010 16:18)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
03/11/2010 17:29   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

А еще хоть ты убей, но 11 сделала себя браузером по дефолту и ни в какую не переубедишь же


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 16:13   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
Opera 11.00 built 1045 win XP

При запуске Оперы выскакивает такая картинка:

(см. прикрепленный файл)

После установки поверх Build'a 1045 - 1055, "выскакивание" прекратилось.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 17:25   [Re: aa3va]   [post link]  

как у aa3va, у меня такая ошибка выскакиванет со времен начало работы с 10 версией Оперы ( 11 я пока не пробовал ), не дружит с программой MouseImp. И никак ету проблему не решить. Причем раньше и сейчас все нормально работает, только предупреждает при запуске. Что достаточно сильно надоело. Как бы хотелось чтобы эту проблему решили


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/11/2010 18:27   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1060 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,78 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,48 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:

• DSK-283362 Menu entry for Java console should be removed
• DSK-283842 Keyboard shortcut missing for Dragonfly in the developer menu
• DSK-296732 Panel opens when Opera is loaded
• DSK-308709 Opening a bookmarks file from Manage Bookmarks overwrites the profile bookmarks file
• DSK-310631 Tab cycle order wrong if 'When cycling through tabs with Ctrl+Tab' is set to 'cycle without showing list'
• DSK-310760 Shift+F4 doesn't show or expand the panels
• DSK-311439 Saving multiple items in link panel only saves the first entry
• DSK-312121 Don't force autoupdate when the user has opted-out
• DSK-312801 Missing repaint of Content area after resizing windows
• DSK-313358 Progress bar broken
• DSK-314374 Window should be called back when opening new tab while minimized
• DSK-315330 Crash when opening a file with Content-Disposition: attachment directly in Opera: further fix
• DSK-315504 JavaScript alerts that open shortly after page load close instantly
• DSK-316696 Opening short url through address bar crashes Opera or causes memory leak

• DSK-315647 Popup doesn't point on button after resize
• DSK-317513 Popup window visible after going full screen mode
• DSK-317857 UserJS is not loaded while installing extension by d'n'd of config.xml
• DSK-317879 Crash after extensions tries to access web in offline mode
• DSK-317965 Extension popup isn't closed on second mouse click
• DSK-318146 Right click on extension's popup window should not show context menu
• DSK-318163 Clipstring on untrusted repository modal dialog while updating extension
• DSK-318170 Popup closed when hitting enter while inside input field
• DSK-318328 Dialogs opened through popup freeze opera
• DSK-318506 Extension buttons disappear after closing popup
• Further work on the Extension manager update and install dialog
• Made the extension badge font smaller on Mac (90%)
• Skinnable color and weight of font in extension badge
• Uninstall dialog for extensions
• Add icon for 'Open error console' button
• Updates for browser crash dialog

• CORE-33473 New Facebook Chat is jumpy
• CORE-33150 Crash when navigating on deviantart with extensions installed
• CORE-33382 UserJS code not run in extensions if page does not include a script tag

• DSK-301751 No search field in the Opera help menu: OS 10.6 non-English only

• DSK-264634 Opera sometimes crashes when a plugin crashes
• DSK-296004 Scrolling corruption when a window covers Opera
• DSK-297249 Crash on exit on FreeBSD with GTK in a non-gnome environment
• DSK-304431 Maximized application mode widget uses a lot of CPU when compositing is off
• DSK-305118 Cannot full screen in Openbox
• DSK-308151 Input type=text has no borders in KDE 4.5.x and the Oxygen theme
• DSK-310952 Define default keyboard shortcut to insert PRIMARY content under X11: Alt+Ctrl+R
• DSK-314272 Opera crashes when detach and close a tab
• DSK-314424 Opera crashes when detaching a tab with a plugin
• DSK-314580 --geometry argument doesn't have any effect: Further fix needed for previously maximised state
• DSK-314625 Opera icon in notification area disappears in Gnome
• DSK-314724 Implement 'paste mouse selection' and go
• DSK-315553 Empty popup menu in document still creates a widget blocking input
• DSK-316497 Using DejaVu Serif Condensed instead of DejaVu Serif: and other incorrect font choices
• DSK-316665 X11 based print dialog does not print with correct size
• DSK-316789 X11 File dialog does not initialize with a correct path and extension list
• DSK-316790 Many CSS3 cursors don't display on UNIX
• DSK-316828 <input>s are rendered with shine-through background
• DSK-317404 Dragged bitmaps are not initialized to a solid color
• DSK-317411 Back/Forward button on address toolbar is dragged without an image and can open a popup menu while drag-n-drop is taking place
• DSK-317417 Notifications show up in fullscreen mode
• DSK-317427 Fix issues in X11 File dialog
• DSK-317436 It is not possible to remotely open a tab in a given window in Opera: See -windowname argument
• DSK-317741 Opera crashes when detaching a restored tab


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
16/11/2010 16:51   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1085 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,75 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,48 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• Gmail doesn't load (will be fixed in the next snapshot)
• No FreeBSD build this time due to a small build server issue

• DSK-316229 Change default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider
• DSK-316669 Add search suggestions for google
• DSK-317921 Clearing search box should not show suggest results from query


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
18/11/2010 18:24   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1094 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,88 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,72 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• DSK-318727 (Extension blocks execution of userjs)
• DSK-317999 (Extension + UserJS blocks page loading)
• DSK-319065 (Privacy setting is not applied for some extensions)


• Improvements to the address field: see main blog entry for details
• Implemented a new visual interface for mouse gestures: see main blog entry for details
• DSK-267463 (Support importing Firefox bookmarks from places.sqlite)
• DSK-277625 (Normal font and Monospace font settings don't work.)
• DSK-290360 (Default search box can not be dragged from Appearance -> Buttons)
• DSK-296813 (Graphic element layout issues in mail dialogs)
• DSK-300575 (Broken search field in Apperance > Buttons > Search)
• DSK-306374 (First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area)
• DSK-309272 (Private tab search terms can show in non private speed dial search)
• DSK-311007 ("Did you mean '...'?" opens a new tab when "Reuse current tab" is unset)
• DSK-313944 ("Ctrl+Shift+V" opens in a new background tab)
• DSK-314125 (Paste'n'Go not working in F2("go to page")-Dialog)
• DSK-315773 (Auto update fails to display authentication dialog when updating without write permissions)
• DSK-315856 (Master Password dialog opens shortly and closes again when logging in through the Auth dialog)
• DSK-316091 (Can't double-click empty workspace to open new tab)
• DSK-316145 (Gmail not working)
• DSK-318907 (Tab title displays incorrectly with modified toolbar setup)
• DSK-319075 (Make a pref to not hide the URL parameters): opera:config#UserPrefs|HideURLParameter

• Implemented super scrollbar
• Merged filters, labels and saved searches into the new labels
• DSK-130346 (Unicode attachment filenames sent by M2 unreadable in clients like Outlook)
• DSK-312784 (Panels (F4) are brought up when focus is on RSS feed tab, even after panels were previously closed)
• DSK-312548 (Mail view opened when clicking the expand arrow in the treeview)
• DSK-317039 (Attachment to e-mail disappears after viewing it)
• DSK-310643 (Mail selection lost when new emails arrive)
• DSK-309797 (Feed folders views use 'Sent' instead of 'Published' as column header)
• DSK-311987 (Mailpanel categories added at bottom of mailpanel on enabling)
• DSK-264794 (Mail header uses large text size instead of bolded text)
• DSK-313836 (Section header is deaf when readded to the panel)
• DSK-270470 (Wrong attachment names (Content-ID) displayed)
• DSK-212904 (Wand loses login information after changing server name)
• DSK-299655 (Line breaks in signatures are not respected when changing plain/HTML)
• DSK-317670 (HTML mail message doesn't add default mail compose font to body style attribute)
• DSK-312506 (Cannot modify the spam filter)
• DSK-312572 (Remove the "Manage Feeds" dialog)
• DSK-312577 (Deleting parent feed folder does not delete it's children)
• DSK-312686 (Multiple views selected in the new mail panel)
• DSK-305028 (Don't initalize the indexer in mail when no accounts exist)
• DSK-311306 (Don't populate treeview while loading mail database)
CORE-28033 (Inlined images sent from Thunderbird are recognized as attachments and not content id elements)

• DSK-318540 (Opening dialogs on Windows through popup closes the popup window and possibly crashes opera)
• DSK-319114 (Popup href == http://.. shouldn't be subject to <access> restrictions)
• DSK-318440 (opera.extension.tabs.create opens wrong url)
• CORE-34186 (Extension should work on https by default with opt-out possibility to switch off per extension)
• CORE-33649 (Extensions Options page - included)
• CORE-34288 (Add flag to disallow oex/ua without file extension)
• CORE-34443 (Only disallow toplevel replacing on form submission on the main gadget window / extension background process)
• CORE-34288 (Require file name extension when upgrading widget configuration)
• DSK-318970 (Cogwheel is not disabled for disabled extensions)
• Fix for link handling in widgets)
• Updated: Extensions installer
• Updated: Extensions manager
• Added Extensions Options page UI support
• Extensions update dialog, update button in extensions manager
• New: Privacy dialog
• New: Update dialog
• Crash fix

• CORE-33950 (301 status code response are not redirected after browser restart)
• CORE-34280 (IME composes duplicated strings in contentEditable text areas)

Windows (Installer)
• DSK-271980 (Canceling an autoupdate or upgrade at the wrong time can leave you with a broken Opera installation)
• DSK-314579 (Cancelling new installer on Win7 makes Windows ask if the program was correctly installed)
• DSK-315494 (Installer continues too fast if Opera is still shutting down)
• DSK-315582 (It's confusing that all checkboxes are selected for portable installation even tho they are grayed out)
• DSK-315583 (Add UAC shield to the install button)
• DSK-315728 (Language choice in installer doesn't work unless you also change "Install for" (operaprefs_default.ini not created))
• DSK-315790 (Make the installer remember which options was set during upgrade)
• DSK-315899 (Hovering the "Terms of Service" button shows a cut off border)
• DSK-316080 (Uninstalling Opera while it's running leaves Opera.lnk.10.70.bak on the desktop)
• DSK-316244 (Wrong error message when trying to install to %programfiles" and selecting "Install for: External device")
• DSK-316254 (Profile lost when upgrading a classic single user installation in %programfiles% on Vista and 7)
• DSK-316259 (Error when trying to upgrade Opera when files in the installation folder are locked by other programs)
• DSK-316262 (No operaprefs_default.ini created on Vista and 7 with default installation settings)
• DSK-316766 (Install for "Just me" option in new installer may be confusing): changed to Standalone
• DSK-316795 (Unable to write CLASSES\.xbm\OpenWithProgIds\Opera.Image)
• DSK-317424 (Failed to modify the registry named Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\ShimInclusionList\OPERA.EXE\(null)
• DSK-317736 (Cancel installation doesn't work)
• DSK-318317 (No error message when trying to install standalone installation in %programfiles% (and installation succeeds the second time you try))

• DSK-316225 (input type="range" buggy)
• DSK-316546 (Add mac specific speed dial background)
• Updated drop-down toolbars
• New address bar graphics, including search, address field & button changes
• New scrollbar in the address and search field drop-downs
• Fixed highlighting underneath the address and search fields

• Use PGO (Profile-guided optimization) on *nix
• DSK-301547 (Flash with wmode transparent crashes in widgets)
• DSK-316375 (Alt is hardcoded to open the O-Menu): Now possible to map an alternative shortcut
• DSK-318050 (Search and URL dropdown gets clipped in non compositing environments): F2 drop down is not re-enabled by this
• DSK-318398 (File download can recursively overwrite folders without warning when using the Gtk file selector)
• DSK-318434 (The --geometry argument has no effect on first run)
• DSK-318585 (Opera should accept the CFF font format)
• DSK-316214 (Invoking opera --fullversion argument doesn't work when Opera is running)
• DSK-318115 (File type dropdown is broken in the file chooser)
• DSK-318724 (Disable smooth scrolling by default on UNIX): still possible to enable via a preference
• DSK-318764 (KDE skin is missing a browser skin element)
• DSK-318407 (After inputting Latin characters, IME cannot be turned on in search field): further fix needed for compositing
• DSK-318509 (Dead keys stop working after the second character due to change of focus): further fix needed for compositing
• Improved some of the focus handling code: watch out for regressions

Happy bug hunting!


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
19/11/2010 08:02   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Meet your new address field, mouse gestures, and updated mail panel and extensions - в блоге про новые адресную строку, жесты, емейл. Перевод на хабре
В адресной строке могут затенять параметры УРЛ, оставляя только адрес домена - как в хроме, бывает полезно. Стали прятать протокол - опять же вроде бы как в хроме, имхо гадость. Визуальная настройка жестов - приятно. В М2 что-то сделали со скроллбарами, плюс сделали общий поиск по всем сообщениям - иногда удобно, если не помнишь, на какой ящик пришел искомый емейл.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
20/11/2010 07:44   [Re: Eismann]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
Happy bug hunting!
При работе через прокси наблюдал "потерю" прокси. Т.е. включаешь через настройки, где-то примерно с минуту внешние для нашей локальной сети сайты открываются через прокси, а потом Опера перестает обращаться к прокси-серверу. Жамкнешь галку в настройках - еще на минуту есть выход через прокси и опять прерывается.
Пока не выяснил окончательно, кто виноват, то ли Бета, то ли локалка.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/11/2010 00:22   [Re: Victor]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1111 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,92 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,76 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

Домашняя страница Opera 11 beta


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
06/12/2010 21:32   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1128 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,97 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,87 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• No FreeBSD build this time due to a build server issue (should be remedied in future snapshots)


• DSK-213883 (Crash on opening address bar drop down)
• DSK-277548 (No backups of session files (autosave.win))
• DSK-310856 (Geolocation prompt "share my location" must be greyed out when first appearing and switching tabs)
• DSK-311596 (First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area)
• DSK-314858 (Fix ugly thumbnails on hover and in tab cycler)
• DSK-315799 (opera:style/media.css is missing in desktop)
• DSK-320129 (Extensis Web Font service doesn't work in Opera)
• DSK-318976 (Creating a custom search engine with URL's that include a '#')
• DSK-320177 (Tab group hidden by closing inactive top tab)
• DSK-318833 (Extending a second group compresses the 1st group)
• DSK-319018 (Tab group can vanish if you delete active tab from call out)
• DSK-319690 (Help balloon for pinned tab pointing the wrong way)
• DSK-318744 (Open new tabs within stack): Links opened in foreground or background opens in the same groups as the parent tab, or a new group if one doesn't exist. Will use the "Open new tab next to active" when deciding the position in the group.
• Improvements to tab ordering
• Active tab is not hidden when collapsing a stack
• Handle opening new tabs in background and foreground using short cuts too
• Fixed some crashes received from automated crash logging

• DSK-315090 (Web page opened in popup goes to browser history)
• DSK-315092 (Scrolling popup content scrolls browser's tab as well)
• DSK-316133 (Extension description field does not expand to display the full extension description)
• DSK-316682 (Ensure the extension toolbar is visible)
• DSK-317879 (Crash after extensions tries to access web in offline mode)
• DSK-318074 (Popup reloads on badge update)
• DSK-318154 (No notification displayed if one of extensions' update failed)
• DSK-318308 (Extension with description containing lot of spaces displays only ... in manager)
• DSK-318327 (trusted_repositories.ini isn't updated with new entries)
• DSK-318923 (Wrong icon is displayed in install notification if installing extension 2nd time)
• DSK-319227 (Install errors from deb package)
• DSK-319442 (Addressbar is inaccessible in extensions option page)
• DSK-319517 (Some extensions don't display access info)
• DSK-319660 (Disabled extension name and author should be grayed out)
• DSK-319782 (Ghost buttons of uninstalled extensions)
• DSK-320000 (Preferences... option missing on extension button context menu)
• DSK-320018 (Crash in WidgetLauncher on mac for Application mode widgets)
• DSK-320059 (Cmd+m shortcut hides widget permanently)
• DSK-320154 (Crash when disabling extension)
• DSK-320192 (Version is displayed as part of name in extension manager)
• DSK-320221 (Opera crashes after closing pinned options page for disabled extension)
• DSK-320501 (Preferences in private mode are saved right after changing option)
• DSK-320627 (Extension installation dialog changes)
• DSK-318004 (Implement text wrapping in install notifications)
• DSK-320503 (Opera crashes after changing privacy settings of uninstalled extension)
• DSK-320782 (Version clips name in extension manager)
• DSK-320795 (Long string overlaps the disable button in extension manager)
• DSK-320895 (Redesign auto-update notification)
• Remove invalid 'gadget' word from add on update preference
• Fix for font size of author's name in extension manager
• Fix for a lot of issues with layouting ResizeSearchDropdown near ExtensionButtons
• Updates for OEX file type and Preferences Dialog
• Missing changes in Installer for new OEX type on windows
• Update for preferences dialog for OEX file type
• Windows: Handling of OEX files from command line and from DDE
• Updates for the installer to support OEX files
• Options page should not be stored in session
• If extension version is the same, we shouldn't update it.

• CORE-34485 (http-logger does not produce any events)
• CORE-33315 (Extensions: Support debugging of isolated userjs)
• CORE-33742 (Tabs created via an extension popup do not share cookies with the browser)
• CORE-33876 (JavaScript bookmarklet does not work)
• CORE-34552 (Extension + UserJS blocks page loading)
• CORE-34595 (Crash configuring extensions)
• CORE-34661 (The background process page of an extension shouldn't be allowed to reload itself or load anything else.)
• CORE-34782 (opera.extension.tabs.getFocused() should return null if the tab is not running injected scripts)
• CORE-34860 (opera.extension.tabs.create return nothing and crashed Opera.)
• CORE-34981 (Opera freezes/crashes with extension throwing error message)
• CORE-28636 (Improved HTML5 forms support, including better UI)
• CORE-28252 (SVG performance improvements)
• CORE-15715 (Inline loading in a widget is not controlled by security settings of runtime and widget)
• CORE-25328 (Do not show links to Opera help and Opera support when network problems)
• CORE-29093 (Updating of widget needs to provide more informations)
• CORE-30255 (Clicking on HTML anchor element with mailto protocol in href attribute has no effect in widget)
• CORE-30915 (Fragment identifiers / internal anchors don't work in widgets)
• CORE-31951 (http://www.zynaps.com/jslab.xml?id=envmap doesn't render in Opera)
• CORE-32085 (Allow navigation of relative URIs inside widget)
• CORE-32554 (Pixel lost when paint plugin contents area)
• CORE-32783 (Inform the application of xml parsing failures)
• CORE-33209 (Opera forces the page to scroll to the left if hovering over menu (unable to access sub menu))
• CORE-33725 (Arguments arrays and variable objects are left attached when an execution context is aborted)
• CORE-33754 (Opening widget: URIs in new windows and frames)
• CORE-33785 (Progress bar is removed despite still loading IFRAMEs)
• CORE-33890 (innerHTML that includes a doctype node will output a ">")
• CORE-34158 (Focus is not set on an element when there is a scrollbar)
• CORE-34270 (TC for scroll and focus fails)

• DSK-317389 (Insecure Third Party Module warning when starting Opera (DEP/Data Execution Prevention))
• DSK-304130 (Opera Crashes When Holding CTRL+W)
• Double clicking on OEX in file system doesn't invoke installation
• Real extension icon for windows

• DSK-317390 (Associate the Opera document icon with Web archive files)
• DSK-319754 (Extender button in Mac is flipped): Left / right arrows are no longer confused
• Support for attention states for top tabs and top tab thumbnails on OS X
• Improved OS X tab handling for top tabs & tab groups
• Fixed jumping behavior on OS X, improved tab grouping backgrounds

• DSK-318518 (WebM video on Youtube shows no video on 64bit)
• DSK-301547 (Flash with wmode transparent crashes in Widgets)
• DSK-302754 (Place input method candidate box in the correct position): doesn't work for fctix
• DSK-315408 (When the input method server dies, Opera can crash)
• DSK-317102 (Horizontal scrolling with mouse buttons moves through history)
• DSK-318723 (Arrows in menus are too big in some Gtk themes)
• DSK-319053 (m2: attachment -> open does not work if the filename contains spaces)
• DSK-319137 (A visible security info popup can crash Opera when tab/window is closed)
• DSK-319151 (We shouldn't auto select the URL string when clicking in the address bar on *nix)
• DSK-319211 (Crash when zooming pages with plugins)
• DSK-319427 (It is possible to bring up the context menu and gesture animations at the same time on *nix)
• DSK-319873 (A dragged folder in the "Places" list starts with "file://localhost" in the X11 File dialog)
• New icon for OEX files (scalable SVG only)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
09/12/2010 20:56   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1133 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,99 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,88 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• The preference to disable the mouse gestures popup is missing. It will return later


• DSK-309222 (Display "Malware site" in the security button when a site is blocked because it contains malware)
• DSK-318100 (Focusing and unfocusing address field with keyboard shortcuts does not animate the badge)
• DSK-318293 (Wrong padding in address field)
• DSK-318300 (No security indication for Web pages when Turbo is on)
• DSK-318301 (Overlaid page information window incorrectly displayed on blank pages)
• DSK-318303 (Blank badge when enabling Turbo after typing in address field and focusing page)
• DSK-318309 (Turbo badge is shown on intranet and ftp pages)
• DSK-318315 (Wrong label highlighting with IDN)
• DSK-318491 (Badge and popup are displayed on certain error pages)
• DSK-318539 (No badge after expanding the collapsed address bar in window.open)
• DSK-318567 (Badge text gone when quickly focusing and unfocusing the address field)
• DSK-318568 (Turbo message in private tab is wrong)
• DSK-318602 (When going from speed dial to page and then back, the address field badge stays wide but blank)
• DSK-318603 (Turbo info confusing when loading https site with certificate problems)
• DSK-318840 (Path not greyed out with local domain name)
• DSK-318926 (New Address Bar lacks "extension" badge)
• DSK-319240 (Query string hiding breaks "Go" button)
• DSK-319437 (Add Show Full URL which minimizes the badge and shows the full url)
• DSK-159442 (Incorrect sample text for Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional in International fonts dialog)
• DSK-278181 (Searchbox on another toolbar makes Opera freeze on startup)
• DSK-282415 (Windows Native skin: No blue text for Page Bar attention state)
• DSK-303850 (Opera opens multiple download dialogs with same content when "Open windows instead of tabs" is enabled)
• DSK-304227 (Yandex maps widget crash on exit)
• DSK-309531 ("Zero Width Non-Joiner" character is not rendered correctly in Right To Left languages)
• DSK-311826 (Web Panel height does not grow when starting with a restored window and switching to maximized)
• DSK-316438 (BitTorrent download text is clipped)
• DSK-317749 (Add Web Panel doesn't work, when done through "Appearances")
• DSK-317998 (Download dialog disappears on redirect)
• DSK-318257 (Change of bookmark folder using properties dialog lost after restart)
• DSK-318504 (Panels button disabled after getting more security information (or open other dialogs such as Preferences))
• DSK-318766 (WebSocket error messages in error console do not appear in desktop)
• DSK-319171 (Shift+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter doesn't work in the address bar)
• DSK-270617 (Can't remove multi-search field from address bar)
• DSK-277981 (Typing in search box doesn't always enable search button)
• DSK-278253 (Making the search field small doesn't stick)
• DSK-282293 (Search field gets narrower when certain buttons are put to the left of it)
• DSK-284481 (old-style search field dropdown uses the whole horizontal space of window when added as search button from Appearance > Search)
• DSK-290895 (Search box icon still looks active after unfocusing search field)
• DSK-319167 (Crash on changing to Amazon and performing search)
• DSK-320528 (google search icon in Zoom menu)
• Add a tooltip to the search field
• Change default search icon/shortcut back to the favicon/shortcut of the default search provider
• Visual enhancements of the search drop down
• Increase the number of search suggestions in speed dial search
• Do not show "Previous searches" header when there are no previous searches

• DSK-318154 (No notification displayed if one of extensions' update failed)
• DSK-319448 (Whitelist for trusted repositories is un-upgradable file)
• DSK-320035 (Gadget installation fails when triggered after download)
• DSK-320039 (Always below does not work for application mode widgets)
• DSK-320829 (Options page opened from popup has address bar wich is inaccessible)
• DSK-321101 (Autoupdate crash when triggereing update of unite)
• New Extension Installer UI
• Fixes for popup skin, size and arrow positioning

• CORE-20172 (offsets of inline or inline-block sibling of absolutely positioned block child of inline-block miscalculated)
• CORE-34223 (Gmail Video Chat Plug-In does not work)
• CORE-34437 (Occasional crash when auth dialogs are up)
• CORE-34899 (Crash after 5 minutes with Dragonfly open)
• CORE-34954 (Problems connecting to some https sites)
• CORE-31929 (Common crash on exit)

• DSK-246452 (Installer: Can't associate widgets extension)
• DSK-298112 (External links are opened in private tabs)
• DSK-314907 (Cancelling the Admin password pop-up shuts down the installer)
• DSK-315213 (Installer: Make the progressbar progress evenly)
• DSK-315500 (Disabled "Shortcuts: in Quick Launch Toolbar" option on Windows 7)
• DSK-315966 (file type associations in Opera's programs -> details dialog won't stay checked when trying to reassociate types another Opera is associated with)
• DSK-316087 (Opera doesn't install when you try to install opera in a more than one level of non existent folders)
• DSK-316231 (Text in uninstaller says "Thank you for downloading Opera")
• DSK-316565 (Use a different icon for the installer)
• DSK-316677 (Install for all users does not create a shortcut in the Quick launch bar for other users)
• DSK-318396 (Clicking close in the warning dialog for "missing write permission" closes the installer)
• DSK-318517 (Opera's profile from the VirtualStore should not be merged if UAC is disabled)
• DSK-318601 (Wrong text in uninstaller locked files dialog)
• DSK-318611 ("Thank you for downloading" text too close to "Opera 11.00" text in installer)
• DSK-318625 (Installer: It's possible to click the "Accept and Install" button multiple times on a slow computer if UAC is enabled)
• DSK-319293 (Install path not updated when upgrading Opera)
• DSK-319969 (Installer: Quick Launch is spelled incorrectly)
• Installer: More feedback when files are locked
• Changed the command line parameters of the installer so that they can express a change from default behavior

• DSK-313555 (Pop-ups open in foreground even though "Open in background is set")
• DSK-319412 (Crash in overflowed scrollable areas)
• DSK-301671 (Selection jumps from suggestion when changing search term)
• DSK-319239 (Fix UI font sizes)

• DSK-313555 (Pop-ups open in foreground even though "Open in background is set")


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
10/12/2010 21:25   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1140 Beta

Скачать для Windows (6,99 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (12,91 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
Known issues
• Tab stacking issues: changes are coming but are still being tested internally


Address field
• DSK-313751 (Two unicode hearts messes with the font highlighting)
• DSK-317784 (New address bar: Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs does not work while callout is open)
• DSK-318296 (Removed the username and password from display in URLs)
• DSK-318591 (Badge and callout text/icon for private browsing)
• DSK-318678 (Address field on other toolbar gets gray, empty badge)
• DSK-319267 (Address bar popup hidden behind tab bar)
• DSK-319268 (Text in the address bar call info gets cut of if you use a bigger font for the dialogs)
• DSK-319321 (Unreadable (white on white) domain in the addressbar with dark themes)
• DSK-319460 (Holding Shift selects the text before the cursor rather than behind it)
• DSK-320043 (Expose UserPrefs|ShowFullURL in the UI): you can now right click on the badge
• DSK-320297 (Writing https:/// in the addressfield makes Opera crash on the next URL entered in the addressfield)
• DSK-320494 (HTTP Authentication skin elements to match Addressfield badge)
• DSK-320545 (Fragment identifier not showing up when viewing full URL)
• DSK-321324 (No icon for malware warnings)

• DSK-319129 (Only application-level gestures are working, not for mail or for collapsing tree views)
• DSK-319130 (Gesture UI should not visible on right click + mousewheel)
• DSK-319186 (Right click context menu does not work if mouse guestures are disabled)
• DSK-319430 (Gesture actions not localised)
• DSK-319854 (Right click on Flash should not show the Gestures UI)
• DSK-319937 (Multiple Gesture UI on screen at once)
• DSK-320007 (Crash when performing gesture)

• DSK-319057 (Hidden extension name or Non-optimal extension card layout)
• DSK-321115 (Extension Manager is not resized)
• DSK-321415 (Extension popup window size can't be changed while popup window is opened)
• DSK-321482 (Security policy is not tracked during extensions update)
• DSK-321528 (Author is moved too much right if there is no version defined)
• DSK-321555 (Extension update notification shows "Opera Unite application update")

• Core-12422 (Disabled plugin won't let actions get through to the content)
• Core-12813 (Cleared element's sibling with top margin resets the margin to 0 on reflow)
• Core-32000 (Form action URL with ":" become invalid URL)
• Core-34080 (Occasionaly very high CPU usage on Gmail)
• Core-35097 (Connections with STP/1 remote hosts can fail when socket callbacks are unordered)
• Core-35110 (Crash on http://optimus.usatoday.com/)
• Fixed a Crash with certain Flash content


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/12/2010 01:57   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

групировка табов удобная вещь, но помойму с ней уже пересторались. открываешь ссылку в фоновым табе и вот они уже сгрупированы. не говоря уже о том что часто при перетаскивание табов случайно их групируеш, а расгрупировать их уже не так просто. уш лучше бы групировка происходила только при удержание какойнить клавиши. может чтото такое уже есть?


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
12/12/2010 06:54   [Re: Mulder]   [post link]  

Ещё одно неудобство в том, что как только все табы сгруппировал, обратно они возвращаются уже не в том порядке в каком были. Так же иногда на одной группе табов выскакивают по две стрелки...


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
15/12/2010 13:34   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1149 RC1

Скачать для Windows (8,80 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,12 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:

• More detailed output for "-profilinglog": those affected by slow startup should use this to generate a new log
• Updated Speed Dial background
• Added background image to the find text toolbar, geolocation, and friends and another background image to the bookmarksbar
• Translations strings updated

Tab stacking
• DSK-321939 (With vertical Tab Bar, stacks animate out of the Tab Bar)
• DSK-321956 (Repainting issue when stacking tabs)
• DSK-321965 (Opera freezes when UI animations are disabled and tab is moved)
• DSK-321971 (Cannot move tabs in the middle of a stack to another tab to create a second stack)
• DSK-321990 (Dragging and rearranging stacks can make tabs disappear from UI)
• DSK-321993 (Can not move rightmost tab stack to the left)
• DSK-322020 (Dragging tab into stack can produce two expander arrows)
• Fixed order of tabs dropped when you drop more than one from the window list into and stack or into normal tabs
• Fixed some crashes

• CORE-35166 (Documentedit crash when clearing the undo/redo stack after typing in Hebrew)
• DSK-317885 (Filter icons: need to clear the alpha before painting into the bitmap)
• DSK-320674 (Quick reply messes up body's HTML source when replying to an HTML message when you have "prefer HTML formatting" set)
• DSK-321243 (Mail panel scrollbar doesn't always move when tabbing to out-of-view sections)
• DSK-321295 (Clicking on collapsed section header at bottom of panel doesn't scroll section into view)
• DSK-321296 (Clicking inside long section scrolls other sections out of view)
• DSK-321458 (Gray out 'limit filter to messages in parent' for top-level labels (and rename to 'label'))
• DSK-321556 (Grey out hide feeds when only feeds added to the panel)
• DSK-321623 ([Infobar Button Skin.hover] needs image, not color)
• DSK-321638 (Fix [Yes] in Go to Intranet toolbar)
• DSK-321945 (Content blocker toolbar should be set to 'wrap')
• DSK-322029 (Feed selector in mail view tab toolbar doesn't work with feeds only)
• DSK-322030 ('Label as' list missing in feeds-only installation)
• DSK-322048 (Problems with keyboard navigation in Mailing list panel section)
• Added mail label menu shortcut to the 9.2 Compat keyboard shortcuts
• Fix for broken context menu when using keyboard on accordion section headers
• Fixed an issue with the mailto dialog missing favicons

• Fix for .oex file icon on Windows
• Fixed an issue with the translation of "Extensions" in the O-Menu

• Numerous small tweaks and fixes to the Windows installer
• Possible fix for recreation of 'desktop.ini': we are interested to hear if this works for affected users


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
15/12/2010 13:40   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1152 RC2

Скачать для Windows (8,84 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,12 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:

• DSK-321517 (Some action labels do not fit in visual mouse gesture UI)

Tab stacking
• DSK-321946 (Tab dragging bug)
• DSK-321974 (Trying to merge stacks can cause them to split)
• DSK-322060 (scrambled address field)
• DSK-322105 (some reproducible tab stacking issues)
• DSK-322179 (Crash when dragging and dropping an item to the last position on the tab bar)
• Correction of drop position for drag & drop of links
• Fixed dragging collapsed group out of expanded group at the left end and right end of tab bar
• Set the top button of collapsed group dropped into expanded group as the active for the group
• Fixed setting of the active and hidden tabs in groups when the mouse up occurs

• Further fix to DSK-317885 (filter icons: need to clear the alpha before painting into the bitmap)
• DSK-321902 (After removing an item from a treeview, key down to next section doesn't work)
• DSK-315824 (Contacts panel not counted as mail related panel)

• Further fix to CORE-31929 (Crash on exit)
• More crash fixes


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
16/12/2010 11:50   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.00 build 1156 RC3

Скачать для Windows (8,90 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:

• DSK-322230 (Speed Dial numbers cropped)
• DSK-322060 (Occasional small address field)
• DSK-322195 (Crash when clicking undo in some online HTML editors)
• Increased padding on Address field badge skin

Tab Stacking
• DSK-322240 (Tab stacks look wrong when wrapping to multiple lines)
• DSK-322054 (Crash when dragging out stacked page thumbnail with shift-key)

• DSK-322192 (Strings are cut in Extension installer in some languages)
• DSK-322206 (Clicking on notification about Extension's installation doesn't open manager)
• DSK-322204 (Wide spaces between some characters in dialogs)

• DSK-322193 (Crash when installing or uninstalling Opera)
• DSK-322207 (Windows installer Terms of service title does not update after changing language)
• New installer graphics

• Added expand / collapse buttons to the OS X
• Fixed positioning of the arrows
• Skin fixes and tweaks

• DSK-322045 (Crash related to fonts)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
16/12/2010 12:06   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11 goes final

Скачать для Windows
Скачать для Macintosh
Скачать для Linux и FreeBSD

Доступны списки изменений:
для Windows,Macintosh и для Linux/FreeBSD


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
09/01/2011 01:58   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

чё-та заглохло с обновками-то...


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
09/01/2011 21:33   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1160 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,86 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
This is a snapshot of Opera 11.01, a possible future minor/bugfix release for Opera 11.


• Mouse gesture sensitivity/recognition fixes
• Several crash fixes (Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions, mail account dropdown, and more)

• Several crash fixes
• CORE-1377 Support DOM3 window.DOMStringList
• CORE-6716 Script element re-executed if child text changes
• CORE-8390 HTMLElement.toString() throwing an exception for all HTMLElement prototypes
• CORE-32425 Crash when clicking a link twice
• CORE-34292 Touch event attributes misnamed in SVG
• CORE-30292 Cross-network warning misfires
• CORE-33886 opera:config cannot do cross-domain xmlhttprequest after reloading
• CORE-28407 Small amount of alphanumeric characters breaks the heuristic language detection
• CORE-17830 href property for import returns resolved URL instead of original string
• CORE-16738 Dynamically added stylesheet fails to apply if rel attribute is set after href attribute
• CORE-23627 Add name and align as HTMLEmbedElement members
• CORE-27624 Pressing Enter in <input type="number"> doesn't submit form
• CORE-33113 Default margin on body is 5px when the document is in an iframe, should be 8px
• CORE-28251 Fragment identifier matching needs to allow ID to override NAME
• CORE-20367 textContent creates multiple text nodes from big (>32000 characters) string
• CORE-18529 DocumentType not prototypable
• CORE-34298 Empty script elements still have an empty text node child
• CORE-33964 Feed preview fix
• CORE-28782 Windowed plugin not shown if displayed inside positioned iframe with overflow container

• DSK-322193 Crash when installing or uninstalling Opera
• DSK-316074 No File Lock window on upgrade when Opera is running on Windows 2000
• DSK-306014 Several processes when upgrading on limited Windows Vista/7 account
• DSK-320566 Problems after MSI update that requires reboot
• DSK-321901 Opera creates a file called desktop.ini and places it on the desktop
• DSK-322333 Switching languages in the winstaller does not change the language in the help tooltip
• DSK-323419 Error code 76 if the MSI uninstallation fails to find the source package

• DSK-288233 Streaming Silverlight will not display (NRK nett-TV)
• DSK-320146 Scroll bar not shown properly in M2
• DSK-322782 Window switching keyboard shortcut not working (Command-`)
• DSK-208657 Enable Mac OS' File Quarantine


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
12/01/2011 18:37   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1164 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,86 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для FreeBSD/Linux

В ответ на:
11.01 snapshot: Mail improvements, crash logging and widget detection on Mac, and faster DNS resolution on Linux/FreeBSD

• Fresh batch of mail improvements
• Experimental changes to the crash logger on Mac (more)
• Changed how Opera is detected during widget start-up on Mac (more)
• Slow DNS responses due to IPv6 fixed on Linux/FreeBSD (more)

Known issues
• No FreeBSD 32bit builds this time


• DSK-287668 (Delete Private Data/Clear all e-mail account passwords doesn't do anything)
• DSK-312140 (HushMail mailproviders entry needs updating)
• DSK-312143 (Add MobileMe Mail—me.com—to mail providers)
• DSK-319534 (mail bodies sometimes not loading in single message view)
• DSK-321903 (Settings lost for POP views after restart)
• DSK-321984 (Unread count in Mail panel button not updated)
• DSK-322280 (Crash when changing M2 account)
• DSK-322369 (Default font for HTML mail compsition): also fixes an issue with dir=rtl that was inserted in the wrong place in the html
• DSK-322795 (Mail Toolbar instead of Feed Toolbar shown when searching in 'feeds only' installation)
• DSK-322822 (Right click context menu in Mail panel section headers misplaced when the section is expanded)
• DSK-322869 (Wrong right click context menu in the Mail Toolbar search field)
• DSK-324498 (crash on trying to edit two links in mail compose at once)
• Partial fix for DSK-321557 (can't send mail during mail database loading): disabling the send action while loading the mail database
• Solved issues with alpha channel for filter icons
• Fix crash for creating folders when no item selected in the feed section
• Fixed index sizes above 2 GB that have negative values in the mail panel window
• Made it possible to open the mail panel as a tab when only using feeds
• Fixed some issues with the mail panel context menu when only using feeds
• Fixed an issure where if the signature is wrong, account doesn't load on startup
• Made the signature editor a bit nicer
• Fixed an issue where the html formatting toolbar was always drawn as 4px height grey bar in the compose window
• Showing feeds when showing a mail account (show messages from)
• Improved html replying and forwarding formatting

• CORE-32574 (typekit webfont test page needs reload to show webfonts)
• CORE-33751 (Iframe with document.domain is not allowed to open parent's document)
• CORE-35257 (Cannot submit forms with input[type="search"] pressing enter)
• CORE-35316 (Deeply nested (5+ levels) iframe doesn't load in Analytix)
• CORE-35651 (Crash when clicking in a dropdown on a wap page)

• DSK-313056 (Opera crashes when downloading to a non accessible target)

• DSK-310741 (Change widget's linking to Opera resources and fix widget localisation)
• DSK-323392 (Experimental changes to the crash logger)

• CORE-35606 (Do not look-up IPv6 addresses if a working IPv4 route is available)
• DSK-323440 (Crash on exit in some Gtk environments after using the file selector)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
18/01/2011 19:38   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1169 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,85 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

В ответ на:
11.01 snapshot with several crash fixes

Known issues
Profile-Guided Optimization is temporarily disabled on Linux/FreeBSD. Resulting in a slight performance dip: it will be back on before the final
• Linux/FreeBSD has a slightly higher build number: related to disabled PGO (there are no other changes)


• CORE-32345 (Crash on closing a tab for some users)

• DSK-320914 (Corrected the wording for some html5 form errors)
• DSK-322420 (Crash when opening some downloaded files)
• DSK-322469 (Default size of searchfield is changed (unintentionally) on Opera 11)
• Fixed several commonly reported crashes reported by our crash logging tool
• Some skin fixes and tweaks


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
20/01/2011 11:36   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Установил, теперь почта не отображается в учетках отдельно. Всё видно только в общей куче((((


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
20/01/2011 19:17   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1175 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,89 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

В ответ на:
Another 11.01 snapshot with even more crashfixes


• CORE-32345 (Crash on page load on some sites, vkontakte.ru)
• CORE-35650 (Severe repaint issues on Facebook)

• DSK-326050 (Installer crash when upgrading a running copy of Opera)

• DSK-326062 (2011 signing keys in Debian packages)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
21/01/2011 22:59   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1179 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,85 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

В ответ на:
Opera Portable for Mac (USB)

Linux/FreeBSD and Windows users can sit this one out, and skip straight to the changelog.

Opera Portable for Mac Installation:
1. Download and mount the disk image
2. Drag Opera from the disk image to an USB stick or external drive
3. Open Terminal.app and drag Opera from the USB stick and drop it ontop of the Terminal window
4. Press backspace once then type /Contents/MacOS/Opera -createsingleprofile (should read …Opera.app/Contents…) then press Enter

Known issues
• If Opera crashes immediately on start-up than please opt to restart Opera without extensions.


• CORE-32762 (Crash prevention for spell checking)
• CORE-35898 (URI fragment identifier wasn't being exposed in all URIs)
• CORE-35350 (Expose the widget object to extension scripts)

• DSK-324730 (Crash on printing Trafikanten.no)
• DSK-309863 (Disk cache in Turbo mode prematurely emptied after bringing up a context menu)
• DSK-321933 (Deactivate auto-reload in speed dials when the address changes)
• DSK-322244 (Pinned tabs too wide with a collapsed tab stack)

• DSK-324504 (No close button on tabs that are not selected)

• DSK-326380 (Opera Portable/USB for Mac and single profile)
• DSK-323299 (Optimize bookmark menu updating. Prevents freeze on keyboard input.)

Windows users can run Opera from USB by running the installer and changing the setting under Options: Install for: Stand-alone installation (USB). Linux/FreeBSD users can extract the tarballs directly to a USB thumb drive.



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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
25/01/2011 20:27   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1189 RC1

Скачать для Windows (8,85 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

В ответ на:

• Fixed some common crashes

An update reminder to Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian users (or anyone else on a Debian based distro)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
26/01/2011 20:18   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.01 build 1190 RC2

Скачать для Windows (8,85 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,18 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

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This snapshot has been placed on the Windows and Mac auto-update server. We'd appreciate feedback on how that works for you. Remember however that you will need to enable opera:config#AutoUpdate|DownloadAllSnapshots

Known minor issue:
• Mac disk image background says ‘10.6.’


• Fixed some common crashes

• Fixed installer errors on Windows Vista and Windows 7


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/01/2011 15:14   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

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Opera 11.01 build 1190 RC2

Ее же и "финалом" объявили.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
28/01/2011 13:35   [Re: WatsonRus]   [post link]  

почему в опере 11 одновременно не работает приватная вкладка и опера турбо?


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
18/02/2011 20:16   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.10 build 2005 Alpha

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A first glimpse at Opera 11.10 “Barracuda”

We are proud to announce that the first snapshot of Opera 11.10, codename “Barracuda,” has finally arrived! Everyone here has worked hard to get this new shiny build out to you.

In this build, Core has been upgraded from version 2.7.62 to 2.8.99, which is a pretty big step forward. With this Core upgrade comes the implementation of the Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

In addition, a batch of changes to network compatibility has been implemented. The purpose of these changes is to modify our network behaviour so that we are more compatible with other web browsers.

These changes include:
• Disable Cookie2 by default, with an option to enable it again
• Send more compatible Accept header on second request
• Disable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 by default
• Make sure redirects from http to https are labelled secure
• Remove the use of master password for client certificates
• Added a preference to disable cross-network protection

Apart from that, frequent crashes for Mac users on Facebook, Live Mail/Hotmail, and Google Docs are finally resolved.

This build is the first step towards the 11.10 release, but there's more stuff to come, so stay tuned!

Happy testing!

Known issues
• No HTML5 media playback on Mac
• Acid3 reference rendering is broken
• Mouse panning broken on Windows
• Tabs opened by extensions open to the left instead of the right


• Fixed several memory leaks and crashes
• Do the same as other browsers on HTTPS-Proxy-CONNECT requests
• SSL/TLS tweaks and improvements
• Illegal URLs are not treated in a user-friendly way
• Improved our content-type detetion algorithm (implement ideas from http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-abarth-mime-sniff-05)
• Move Accept to compose-request and enable using */* on second request
• Remove the Accept-Charset header from HTTP requests
• Improved pipelining
• Improved pubsuffix
• Tweaked Cookie handling
• Work towards improving traversal in terms of the elements/objects in the document and their locations searching
• CORE-37 Cancelling onkeydown does not cancel keypress
• CORE-144 onBlur attribute of an HTML form input field does not trigger when focus moves to a different frame
• CORE-241 Opera doesn't support multiple rels for LINK
• CORE-265 event.offsetX for mouse events returns "distance from previous whitespace" rather than "distance for target box origin"
• CORE-1281 nbsp entity in form element value submitted as space
• CORE-2378 Mouse or keyboard scrolling should not be allowed when scrolling=no is set on frame / iframe
• CORE-2447 Empty selection must not have any ranges
• CORE-2665 tBodies DOM 1 method returns nested tBodies
• CORE-5953 Unable to place cursor in empty selection
• CORE-7752 .start returns 0 instead of 1 for <ol start="bogus">
• CORE-9064 Plugin object with display block does not initialize until paint is triggered
• CORE-10160 The input event needs to be dispatched on cut
• CORE-10266 xpath engine allows only 100 predicates in xpath expressions
• CORE-10406 prototype must be DontEnum for exposed DOM interfaces
• CORE-10431 Not scrolling correctly in find when there are inline elements in preformatted text
• CORE-13007 type set to the empty string causes style sheet not to be loaded
• CORE-14143 window.CanvasPixelArray is undefined
• CORE-14144 window.ImageData is not prototypable
• CORE-14146 getImageData(0, 0, 0.0001, 0.0001) throws
• CORE-14147 new window.ImageData(1,1) should throw
• CORE-14188 Unable to type '@' in transparent Flash text field
• CORE-15633 body.background should return full URL of the background image
• CORE-17277 Accesskey clicks disabled buttons
• CORE-18871 XMLHttpRequest spec violation - calling send() from a non-OPENED state does not throw
• CORE-19606 Make HTML5 section, article, nav, etc, elements block elements by default and add the style rules
• CORE-19687 Null in textContent stringifies to "null"
• CORE-21061 vertical-align on an inline-block misplaces it if there is a positioned sibling
• CORE-21407 remove support for UTS22 §1.4 charset alias matching
• CORE-21719 Support image naturalWidth naturalHeight
• CORE-22080 Move the accesskey property to HTMLElement (html5)
• CORE-22104 FormatBlock shouldn't rewrite <blockquote> ancestors
• CORE-22136 [DragonFly] Missing new-script event in case of scripts in HTML attributes
• CORE-22794 Bold font are not properly rendered when there is no bold font file available
• CORE-23856 /favicon.ico only loaded with html
• CORE-24706 HTMLScriptElement.text shows source of external script, not element contents
• CORE-25426 Implement Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
• CORE-25457 Selecting is broken when selecting upwards
• CORE-26075 [Webworkers] self.location doesn't take redirects into account
• CORE-26401 [UserJS] BeforeCSS/AfterCSS event
• CORE-26566 Skip collapsed text when extracting selected text and in document edit mode
• CORE-26823 Flash inside overflowed container still visible on Linux (windowless mode)
• CORE-27267 Unable to type in Flash text fields
• CORE-28043 Thai word wrapping does not work
• CORE-28244 www.sparebank1.no can't login due to problems with Java
• CORE-28401 Default to "ask user" instead of do nothing if a plug-in for a filetype isn't available.
• CORE-28443 Seeking in paused <video> should remove poster frame
• CORE-28528 Add audio/x-midi to the list of MIDI MIME types
• CORE-28671 Entities thinsp, ensp, emsp are not displayed correctly
• CORE-28696 DOCTYPE not generated correctly
• CORE-29397 Streaming multiple identical plugin streams fails randomly
• CORE-29563 <applet> ends up with type parameter after parsing
• CORE-29651 http refresh causing internal communication error
• CORE-29753 Abs pos is unaffected by transform specified on zero-height ancestor
• CORE-29774 scroll event not fired on document
• CORE-29911 Wrong value from offsetWidth, offsetHeight in DOMContentLoaded event
• CORE-30215 Collapsed range is not collapsed after being added to selection
• CORE-30295 Fix subpixel rendering on older linux distros
• CORE-30351 [Dragonfly] Rule with no declarations missing in Opera Dragonfly
• CORE-30448 Scrolling a block scrolls the plugin content
• CORE-30624 Previous scroll position restored after interacting with the page while reloading (after having gone back in history)
• CORE-30969 Implement mouseenter and mouseleave events from DOM3Events
• CORE-31298 Nested ternary operator fails during JIT
• CORE-31354 Implement onfocusin/onfocusout
• CORE-31510 We don't wait for layout if a script tries to read computed height and external CSS is still loading
• CORE-31590 Cannot post comments or login to reuters.com
• CORE-31700 Google virtual keyboard broken - moving position:fixed element up or left leaves artifacts
• CORE-31704 Fix to crash during shutdown procedure
• CORE-31777 onhashchange event property should be on window, not document
• CORE-31801 browser.js fails if User JavaScript File path doesn't exist
• CORE-31942 Can not delete a list, only its contents, in contentEditable / designMode document
• CORE-31980 The player on libre.fm doesn't work in Opera
• CORE-32026 ce-html mime type is not handled by Opera (so the page is downloaded)
• CORE-32120 Page is loaded from the cache after changing from a lower protocol to higher protocol
• CORE-32179 eBuddy.com does not work - script can not read value correctly from previously hidden TEXTAREA
• CORE-32200 Document.onload not fired when .load-ing with async=false (Citibank Singapore Credit Cards Application Forms not visible)
• CORE-32260 Implement CSS Viewports spec
• CORE-32321 Opera cannot parse WML files when content-type is missing
• CORE-32327 Opera displaying content of files that are served as application/octect-stream
• CORE-32340 Use an anchor to determine correct position during mouse dragging
• CORE-32417 usairways.com log in does not work if script assigns javascript: URLs to window.location, run them after current thread
• CORE-32518 No change event on hidden file input — photo upload broken on xanga.com
• CORE-32538 Positioned child with top and bottom set not adjusting to container's height
• CORE-32646 Unable to remove contenteditable="false" content from inside contenteditable="true" element
• CORE-33007 Hash not updated after redirect
• CORE-33062 Canvas shadowBlur with clipping causes artifacts (and crash)
• CORE-33063 Tianya forum navigation menu looks borked, css string tokenization issue
• CORE-33214 -o-transform doesn't recognize functions with whitespace before arguments
• CORE-33239 :active state dropped if mouse moved away from element with the button still pressed
• CORE-33265 Unchanged location.hash triggers onhashchange (location.hash = location.hash)
• CORE-33305 Classes in content added via importNode are not recognized
• CORE-33315 [Extension] Support debugging of isolated userjs
• CORE-33383 Runs javascript url even though it's replaced by a form submit (Opera can't send mail through Yandex Mail)
• CORE-33385 Operator '=' of XPath behaves incorrectly (case insensitive)
• CORE-33415 Multiple files from one input not handled by PHP due to multipart/mixed MIME with sub-parts for each file
• CORE-33615 Crash on closing tab with plugin
• CORE-33619 Problem selecting origin and destination in the left combo menus - extending SELECT with select.length+=1 fails
• CORE-33674 First scroll event being sent to window instead of scrollable area
• CORE-33693 [Dragonfly] Send file name of user scripts through scope in OnNewScript
• CORE-33781 Find in page doesn't scroll to show search hits in frames
• CORE-33795 link.focus() does not remove focus from rich text editor
• CORE-33796 Calling body.focus() on editable body from button onclick fails
• CORE-33822 Remove widget cache folder just after widget uninstall
• CORE-33885 24sevenoffice.com web page missing menues in Opera - element.children exists in XML documents but is broken
• CORE-33887 Landsend.de doesn't allow Opera to show its subordinate contents
• CORE-33965 Complement expression used as condition skips test
• CORE-34189 Improve spatial navigation on complex sites like Facebook
• CORE-34436 <video> with poster not resizing
• CORE-34533 <video> with broken poster doesn't show video instead
• CORE-34538 Clicking a <button> fires both a focus and blur event
• CORE-34548 Spatial navigation on elements with overlapping rectangles and event handlers should descend in the tree
• CORE-34564 Zooming in opera show mode causes incorrect scroll position
• CORE-34565 Geolocation notifier not shown again once window with a notifier is closed without answering
• CORE-34677 No hasProperty/hasMethod check before setting property/method on NPObject
• CORE-34697 <video poster> should reappear after calling load()
• CORE-34706 [Dragonfly] opera.scopeCreateClient(): onconnected callback never gets called when connected to a remote host
• CORE-34712 Computed style for text-overflow is wrong
• CORE-34779 Fixed parsing of empty Geolocation reponse from Gelocation server (over IPv6)
• CORE-34785 Bitmap images should use themselves as favicon/document icon
• CORE-34788 Double clicking on content window while HTTPS site is loading loads home page
• CORE-34835 [User Prefs] Allow Autofocus Form Element=0 should additionally disable handling focus sent on synthetic events
• CORE-34838 Crash when handling plugin event when plugin failed
• CORE-34849 Server highlighting fix for urls containing ":" in fragment
• CORE-34961 Quirks mode parsing of color values on setting property
• CORE-34973 Opera returns data for width and height attributes on <canvas> using getAttribute when they are unset or empty
• CORE-35006 Admit cloning of object DAGs involving host objects
• CORE-35065 color input element (input[type=color]) accepts ANY input unlike date, datetime-local, number, week, month
• CORE-35073 RegularExpressionLiterals not re-evaluated to create new objects within a loop
• CORE-35100 Too many onblur after selecting element and spatnaving
• CORE-35103 Text is not base-aligned in text areas
• CORE-35118 When scrolling inside scrollable container, make sure the scrolled-to element is outside of view
• CORE-35166 Crash when clearing the undo/redo stack after typing in Hebrew
• CORE-35184 Slowdown on hovering document with positioned iframes with visibility: hidden
• CORE-35198 Eval has an unnecessary hard limit of 64 imported variables
• CORE-35227 Date header from server is later sent in If-Range header
• CORE-35302 relative position on a link or its parent disables clickability
• CORE-35310 console.log does not print to Error Console
• CORE-35399 HTMLElement getting GC'd causing custom property to cease existing on erlang.org
• CORE-35470 Wrong value is computed if there is a space character before hash in color definition
• CORE-35493 Value lost on setting indexed property of external plugin object (vod.onet.pl player not loading)
• CORE-35902 Overflow hidden container scrolled when clicking button
• CORE-35969 Support CSS zoom cursors -o-zoom-in and -o-zoom-out
• CORE-36101 Better image viewer

• DSK-317643 Wand corruption on changing master password with specific wand data
• DSK-304211 HTTP Authentication dialog gets wrong size sometimes
• DSK-301536 Autocomplete doesn't remember https protocol
• DSK-314312 Crash when changing to alternate stylesheet via keyboard shortcut
• DSK-311131 Tab gets unpinned after opening the Save As dialog
• DSK-320771 While surfing in private window, Opera Mail links are opening in non-private tab
• DSK-323315 Generated feeds page still uses -o-text-overflow:ellipsis
• DSK-322017 Wrong background and border color for dropdowns for high contrast OS themes
• DSK-318301 Overlaid page information window incorrectly displayed on blank pages
• DSK-322307 untranslated string in the start-up dialog
• DSK-152299 opera uses latest session for startup instead of the one it's supposed to use
• DSK-284163 A ghost window is created when restarting with a Floating Panel
• DSK-287242 Edit functions don't work from the Opera menu button
• DSK-284110 Floating panels with the Info panel activated are covered with a white box on restart
• DSK-296685 Backing to Speed Dial loads start page
• DSK-142522 Check marks inconsistent in View > Encoding
• DSK-325607 Potential crash when deleting private data
• DSK-321938 Address field misbehaves when changing focus
• DSK-313944 "Ctrl+Shift+V" opens in a new background tab
• DSK-325446 new Home Url not upgraded when old url is written in prefs
• DSK-325509 Paste&go in empty tab bar place only opens new empty tab
• DSK-325816 History lost for Speed Dial tabs
• DSK-326913 Properly support for a deprecated IPv6 site-local (fec0::/10) address. Makes Opera load websites on Mac if Parallels is installed
• DSK-322565 [Autoupdate] A pending autoupdate should not start if the user has manually upgraded Opera in the meantime
• DSK-323413 [Autoupdate] Opera doesn't get updated browser.js or override_downloaded.ini for the new version of Opera immediately after autoupdating
• DSK-312122 [Autoupdate] Don't install old updates

• DSK-322567 Improve the look of the bookmarks bar skin
• DSK-174395 Bookmarks in bookmarks menu can't be right-clicked
• DSK-319266 Connection closed by remote server on ftp.opera.com with corrupted application_cache
• DSK-242310 Use black underline for IME candidates
• DSK-297021 "Execute program" concludes the whole line parameters in quotes
• DSK-314234 Incorrectly redrawn page when displaying the tooltip and scrolling
• DSK-190213 Save file dialog is not using the new style dialog in Windows Vista/7
• DSK-312119 [Autoupdate] Ask before installing an update
• DSK-317745 [Autoupdate] Add UAC shield to the autoupdate install button

• DSK-322686 Widgets in application mode crash on exit when closing using title bar close button
• DSK-295622 Change font-family default for sans-serif to Helvetica from Lucida Grande
• DSK-319195 Cannot import certificate files (window focus blocks dialog)
• DSK-320934 Forms type=date/month/datetimelocal/color skin broken
• DSK-318698 Inline search needs "Enter" twice to start
• DSK-301673 Search suggest does not display upon completing IME composition
• DSK-287696 Opera is very busy according to VoiceOver
• DSK-319978 Crash dialog might be hidden in background after crash
• DSK-244927 Disabling IME at input type="password"
• DSK-320590 Opera hidden when focusing another app while "Image Properties" is open
• DSK-325396 Extra 'Save As...' dialog after reopening window from empty workspace

• DSK-292229 Lines painted on top of scrolled area
• DSK-322175 Switching between tabs by using RMB+ScrollWheel doesn't work properly
• DSK-318391 Checked and disabled checkboxes are displayed as unchecked with many styles
• DSK-314272 Opera crashes when detach and close a tab
• DSK-320818 Opera should use further heuristics for CJK fonts when selecting Serif and Sans-Serif
• DSK-322749 Crash during draging tab to another window
• DSK-322532 Can not drop dragged windows everywhere outside opera
• DSK-321136 KDE/Qt file picker does not allow multiple file uploads
• DSK-324254 Menu items don't work after moving mouse outside parent menu
• DSK-323733 Tab is pinned (weirdly) when saving content
• DSK-185057 localized CJK font names are not understood in Opera
• DSK-322419 Clipboard middle button paste from pwsafe not working
• DSK-325503 X11 file selector blocks for minutes when loading directories with 1000+ files
• DSK-325511 Can not determine if a remote application holds the clipboard selection or not
• DSK-325513 Can not paste from Edit | Paste (menu bar) into address bar or form fields.
• DSK-323352 Opera crashes at startup while attempting to read fonts
• DSK-325754 Can not open blocked popups from notifier popup window
• CORE-35842 VLC plugin fails before opening window with X11 error "Error: Couldn't find per display information"
• CORE-29494 DnB NOR login problems


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
04/03/2011 20:43   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 11.10 build 2020 Beta

Скачать для Windows (8,95 Мб)
Скачать для Macintosh (13,05 Мб)
Скачать для Linux/FreeBSD

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Speed Dial now animates

Known issues

• The error page search only works for English and Russian installations
• The error page search is using Yandex as a test, meaning that search results for English installations will also be in Russian
• Also see the known issues for the previous snapshot


• DSK-327557 Updated styling for internal pages, and search suggestions on error pages
• DSK-314827 Speed Dial animations
• DSK-328751 No video or audio on Mac


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
05/03/2011 10:41   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

при обновлении затерла файл паролей.
со спиддайлом они чтото намудрили. изуродовали. неудобно.

откатился на альфу, после отката пришлось еще восстанавливать спиддайл.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
05/03/2011 11:55   [Re: Antonio]   [post link]  

Lan, в каждом сообщении о еженедельных выпусках, наверное, было бы полезно для новичков крупными буквами приписывать:
Не ставить Бета-сборки поверх текущей рабочей версии Оперы. Ставить в соседнюю папку!


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
07/03/2011 22:17   [Re: Victor]   [post link]  

С паролями идёт активная работа в связи со скорым добавлением функции синхронизации паролей.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/03/2011 11:08   [Re: Ilya]   [post link]  

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в связи со скорым добавлением функции синхронизации паролей

Этой функции ждут многие...


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
11/04/2011 21:25   [Re: woldemar]   [post link]  

странно, opera чуть ли не несколько версий в день выпускает, а здесь тишина...

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